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Three Surprising Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening increases the length of a person’s exposed teeth to make a “gummy smile” appear more balanced. Many people may believe this procedure is purely cosmetic. However, at the office of Dr. Michael Stypula, we also perform crown lengthening in Pittsburgh, PA, because of the following three often-overlooked health benefits.

1. Preventing Gum Disease

Crown lengthening offers general benefits for oral health because it decreases the size of the gum pockets. People with gummy smiles may have more difficulty keeping their gum pockets clean and free from infections. If these infections progress into periodontal disease, victims may face various, unwanted long-term complications, including:

  • Damage to teeth and the supporting bone structure
  • Loss of natural teeth and bone density
  • Systemic health problems linked to periodontal disease

By removing excessive gum tissue, crown lengthening can significantly reduce the risk of these problems developing progressively over time.

2. Restoring Damaged Teeth

Crown lengthening can also be used to improve the health and function of damaged teeth. In some cases, the amount of tooth that is naturally exposed may not be adequate to support necessary prosthetics, such as crowns. Crown lengthening can quickly remedy this issue. In other cases, teeth that have sustained infections, fractures or other damage below the gum line, may not sustain adequate support for prosthetics. Crown lengthening can temporarily expose the damaged structure and allow more space to implement a protective crown or bridge.

3. Facilitating Cosmetic Procedures

Finally, crown lengthening can assist in preparing patients for other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Much like many restorative procedures, cosmetic procedures may not be feasible if a tooth is excessively covered by gum tissue. This is especially true when the tooth is damaged or lacks a sturdy structure to support prosthetics. In such situational scenarios, crown lengthening can be the first step to initiate a full smile renovation.

Learn More About Crown Lengthening

With the myriad of benefits provided by the crown lengthening procedure, Dr. Stypula often encourages patients with gummy smiles to learn more about this option. If you are ready to improve your smile and optimize your oral health, please call our office today at (412) 348-8833 to schedule a consultation.

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