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The Patient’s Guide to Laser Dentistry

Although lasers used to be limited to science fiction stories, they’ve become an everyday sight… including at your dental provider’s office. Today, periodontists regularly use equipment that incorporates emerging laser technology. It’s truly the leading edge of dental care, not to mention an exciting advancement for both the provider and the patient.

To help you understand how laser dentistry has revolutionized your dental treatment experience and outcomes, we’ve put together a guide. Check it out before your next office visit as an update on all the phenomenal ways the laser is increasing your health and wellness.

Lasers Aren’t New, But They Are Constantly Getting Smarter

Dentistry has used lasers for more than two decades, but the lasers from the 1990s are different from those today. Although laser technology hasn’t changed since it still uses a beam of focused energy, rather than scraping or drilling, to effectively cut through hard and soft tissues, the lasers have become more precise. Now, your periodontist can pinpoint a laser directly to the affected area with even more accuracy. This type of “smart” application is making lasers invaluable tools.

Lasers Are Helping Win the War Against Gum Disease

People with gum disease in Pittsburgh, PA, are getting a huge boost from laser dentistry as a treatment mechanism. Special laser tools can effectively remove diseased gum tissue from healthy gingiva, allowing the latter to reattach to tooth and bone. In addition, lasers help periodontists make bleeding gums (both a sign of gingivitis and an outcome of some dental treatments) less problematic by sealing off blood vessels during procedures. Another advantage to lasers is the way they destroy bacteria and sanitize areas that have been affected by advancing periodontal disease.

Lasers Reduce Trauma to the Mouth and Speed Up Healing

Want another reason to appreciate the lasers your periodontist uses? They are far kinder to your teeth and gums because they don’t traumatize the surrounding areas. As a result, you can expect to heal faster from treatments, as well as enjoy less invasive solutions.

Learn how lasers can be an asset to you in the fight against gum disease in Pittsburgh, PA, by giving our office a call

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