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The Modern Marvel We Call Bone Grafting

Even with all the recent advancements in dental technology, some still may consider bone grafting to be somewhat of a modern miracle. Each of us is born with only one set of bones, but science has made it possible for your body to repair itself by adding new bone material where necessary. While your body can’t grow an entirely new femur, it can generate enough new bone material to strengthen a few weak spots in your jaw. Many people experience some bone loss around a tooth due to a ravaging infection, gum disease or from trauma to the mouth. Dr. Michael C. Stypula can perform a bone graft in Pittsburgh, PA, to help restore your strong jaw bones.

How Does it Work?

In its simplest form, bone grafting involves augmenting or replacing the missing bone around the teeth. Our office often recommends it to certain individuals prior to receiving dental implants, or any other tooth replacement procedure. There are three types of bone graft procedures, including:

·       •  Autogenous

With an autogenous graft, the bone material is taken from one location of the body and planted into another part.

·       •  Allografts

Allografts use bone tissue from a cadaver that has been donated and screened for safety.

·       •  Xenografts

Bone is derived from a nonhuman source, such as a cow or a bovine.

Why Would I Need Bone Grafting?

For people who want to receive dental implants, a bone graft may be necessary to strengthen the bone around the missing tooth. You also may need a bone graft procedure if you have ever suffered from periodontal disease or if your jaw bone is too weak. Dr. Stypula can perform a thorough examination to determine if you need new bone material in order to strengthen weak areas.

Contact Us Today

To determine if you are a good candidate for a bone graft in Pittsburgh, PA, contact our office today. Speak with a member of our team by calling (412) 348-8833.

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