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Should I See a Periodontist?

Similar to how doctors can be roughly divided into primary care physicians and specialists who step in to handle challenging or complex problems, dentists can also be divided into general practitioners and specialists. One type of dental specialist is a periodontist, a dentist who specialize in conditions of the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. This information can help you decide if you need to see a periodontist in Pittsburgh, PA.

Warning Signs of Gum Disease

If you experience any symptoms of gum disease, consider making an appointment with a periodontist to discuss the extent of the damage to your gums. Some common warning signs of gum disease include bleeding or pain when you brush your teeth or eat. People with gum disease may also experience long-term bad breath. In serious cases, they may have loose teeth or teeth that appear to grow longer or larger due to gum recession. Gum disease may also be associated with other health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Other Services Periodontists Perform

In addition to treating gum disease, periodontists can also help with missing teeth. These specialists are often able to install bridges or dental implants to replace lost teeth. Implants fuse directly into the bone of the jaw and function exactly like real teeth. They can (and should) be brushed and flossed as you would your natural teeth. Their natural appearance, durability and ease of care make them a great alternative to removable dentures.

Referrals from Dentists
If you are still not sure whether you need the attention of a periodontist, talk with your regular dentist about your options. Your general dentist can provide a referral and help you get your dental and medical records sent to a periodontist if need be.

Dr. Michael C. Stypula is an experienced periodontist in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact him at 412-348-8833 to schedule an appointment today.

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