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High-End Cosmetic Dentistry Focused on Facial Aesthetics

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Aesthetically Driven, Uniquely Designed

An effortlessly beautiful smile is oftentimes one of the most defining and memorable characteristics of a person. But what does it take to attain this? While it may seem like whitening teeth is a simple enough answer, the actuality of defining and attaining facial aesthetics and a brilliantly beautiful smile is a complex process. The color of the teeth is only a portion of creating a beautiful smile that blends harmoniously with the framework of the patient’s entire face and even their personality. Facial aesthetics is about changing the way you look—beginning on the outward features and working inward to design the most ideal shape, shade, and proportion of the teeth and gums for the face as a whole. This requires high levels of detailed planning and treatment from dentists with specialized training in facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry in [city], [state].

Benefits of Aesthetically-Driven Dentistry

  • Proportional tooth-to-gum ratio
  • Symmetrical teeth and smile line
  • Aesthetic arching of gums around teeth
  • Smile balanced with facial structure
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Defining Ideal Facial Aesthetics

Much goes into designing the most aesthetic smile for each of our unique patients. Care is driven by your smile goals and what we are able to accomplish within these parameters. Not surprisingly, there is no one-size-fits-all in cosmetic dentistry in [city], [state], and certainly not when defining the ideal facial aesthetics, smile, and bite of each individual patient. We do this by considering what goes into the making of an aesthetically pleasing smile, namely symmetry, proportion, and color.

We begin by taking photographs of every tooth, a full mouth x-ray, and an intraoral digital scan. We use these digital scans to create a simulated outcome of how our aesthetic and functional treatments will improve your bite and smile. Though occlusion plays a critical role in your treatment and is the foundation of our care, we take this aesthetically-driven approach when considering how our restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments will impact the appearance of your smile and the structure of your face. We understand all of these critical elements and have decades of experience creating smiles that function correctly and appear vibrant and natural with each patient’s face.

Three Main Components of an Aesthetic Smile

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  • Symmetry of a smile refers to how the teeth appear on either side of the centerline of the face. Ideally, each pair of teeth on either side should be identical to each other in size, shape, color, and height, following the curve of the patient’s smile line. The gums visible when smiling should arch symmetrically and evenly over each tooth and follow the natural curvature of the upper lip.
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  • We follow the “golden proportion” to determine the most ideal tooth dimension for each patient’s face and smile. This proportion considers the best height and width for each individual tooth in the aesthetic zone. Using the golden proportion ensures that all teeth match symmetrically as well and may include gingival recontouring to establish the most ideal tooth-to-gum ratio.
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  • The color of both the teeth and the gums play an important role in facial and smile aesthetics. The most natural-looking restorations have varying colors, translucency, and texture. We blend shades of gray and blue to create life-like colors for porcelain restorations. Obtaining healthy gum positioning involves recontouring of the tissue to arch naturally and proportionally around teeth.

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