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How Can You Make Dental Implants More Affordable?

In the past, holes in your smile made by missing teeth could only be filled in with a dental bridge or dentures. While these tools may have helped in restoring some degree of your self-confidence, they also came with their own share of challenges related to their use and maintenance. However, thanks to recent advances in dental science, your periodontist in Pittsburgh, PA, is now able to treat missing teeth with dental implants, essentially giving you entirely new teeth. 

Some Simple Payment Tips and Tricks

Dental implants offer you a potentially permanent solution to your tooth loss. They look and feel just like normal teeth, and you simply care for them as if they were such. However, this remarkably effective treatment does come at a price, and since it is often classified as a cosmetic dental procedure, dental insurance plans may not cover its expense. Yet that does not mean that there are not steps that you as potential dental implant patient can take to make the procedure more affordable. Here are just a few: 

  • Find a plan that offers dental implant discounts. While most insurers will not cover the cost of implants, some may actually offer you a discount on the procedure itself as an enrollment incentive. A quick Internet search may reveal a number of plans that offer such an option. 
  • Explore payment options. Your periodontist in Pittsburgh, PA, wants to help rejuvenate your smile almost as much as you do. Thus, you may be able to work with your provider to set up a payment plan that will allow you to cover the expense over time. 
  • Get creative with your scheduling. If you have a medical and dental flex spending account, consider scheduling your initial implant procedure at the end of the year. That allows you to only have to pay for that portion of your procedure out of that year’s funds, and then the remaining amount from the following year’s disbursement when you return to receive your permanent set of crowns. 

The cost of treatment should never be something that deters you from getting the help that you need. That is why our staff here at Dr. Michael Stypula’s office is prepared to provide you with any advice or assistance that you may need to help make this procedure more affordable to you.

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