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Four Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The things you eat can eventually affect every area of your body, and your mouth is no exception. Healthy eating leads to a strong, bright, healthy smile, but the holidays are a particularly hard time to keep good eating habits. In order to protect your body and ultimately your mouth, our periodontist in Pittsburgh, PA has a few tips to remember over the holidays.

Track What You Eat

That piece of cake might look great when it’s in front of you, but added to all the other sugary snacks you’ve had throughout the day, it may seem less appetizing. Keep a record or journal of what you eat every day to stay committed to healthy eating goals throughout the holidays.

Eat Throughout the Day

If you have a party at night, make sure you eat breakfast the day of. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and without it, you may feel significantly hungrier. If you are concerned about self-control once you get to the party, eat a small, healthy snack before you head out to fill your stomach.

Snack Healthy

All your good snacking habits may go out the window if you have candy and sugar in front of you all day. When you know you are likely to indulge in unhealthy eating at night, try to bring healthy snack to the office during the day. If something tempts you, throw it out or give it away.

Monitor Your Portion Size

Your eyes are often bigger than your stomach, and you may load your plate up before you realize you can’t possibly eat it all. Watch your portion sizes in order to cut back on calories and sugar when you eat. Use smaller plates or utensils in order to keep things proportionate.

Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, it’s easy to neglect your healthy habits while you are celebrating with your family and friends. Get peace of mind that your oral health is on track with an appointment with Dr. Stypula before the holiday festivities begin.

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