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Do You Believe These Myths About Gum Disease?

For most people, gum disease may not seem like a big deal; but, the truth is, gum disease is widely misunderstood. Many patients do not realize they have symptoms of this condition and unintentionally avoid treating the problem. This leads to additional complications, like tooth loss.

Dr. Michael C. Stypula is a periodontist committed to educating patients about gum disease in Pittsburgh, PA. Our staff can help you figure out the signs of gum disease, like bleeding gums or soreness in your mouth, and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Here are some ways to fight against common gum disease myths:

Floss Every Day

It is a myth that flossing is not important. In fact, one of the best defenses against gum disease is to floss at least once a day. Flossing helps you eliminate hidden food particles that can live between the spaces of your teeth and gums.

Monitor Your Gums

Another myth is that bleeding gums are not a big deal. If you notice blood after brushing or flossing, this may be a sign that something is wrong with your gums. Talk to Dr. Stypula to get an evaluation of your gums.

Consider Seeing a Periodontist

Many of our patients are also hesitant when first coming to see a periodontist. Dental care specialists are here to help, and your visit to our office will not be frightening. Instead, you can look forward to personalized care and an expert solution to your gum problems. Here, we provide LANAP® laser periodontal treatment, a quick, gentle and effective alternative to traditional procedures, to fix diseased gums.

Discover Tooth Restoration Options

Finally, some of our patients do not realize that there are options after tooth loss has occurred. We can work together to develop a plan to give you your teeth back and make your smile look great once again.

Call Dr. Stypula today for a consultation about the health of your gums and teeth. You can stop believing the myths about gum disease and commit to a healthier you.

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