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Dental Floss 101

Are you familiar with that sinking feeling when your periodontist in Pittsburg, PA asks if you floss? The American Dental Association estimates that 60 percent of Americans actually do not floss daily. Thus, we have taken this opportunity to remind you of the importance of flossing, and describe the best tools to tackle this dental hygiene routine.

Why Floss?

Why is flossing so important? The answer is simple: there is only so much a toothbrush can do. While a well-designed toothbrush is great at removing plaque and tarter buildup from the front and back of your teeth, it cannot reach the spaces in between. Over time, the harmful elements that buildup can lead to an infection in your gums, weakening your teeth and accelerating the onset of gum and periodontal disease.

Which Type Works Best for You?

It is recommended that you floss at least once daily to avoid this from happening. Which is the best type of dental floss to use? That may depend on the spacing of your teeth, as well as your unique needs. Listed below are the standard options and their recommended uses:

  • Dental tape: Dental tape is thicker, plastic floss designed to stretch more than other floss types. Its use is recommended for those whose teeth are spaced further apart, as it can remove larger chucks of food and plaque buildup faster.
  • Ultra floss: The thin, string-like floss most are familiar with is ultra-floss. It is made specifically to reach those tight areas where teeth fit closely together.
  • Flossing picks: For some, finding the time to floss is the real challenge. Flossing picks are designed to be used on-to-go. They feature a thin strip of floss secured to a long plastic handle, making it easier to use when time is limited.  

You will be amazed at how much taking a couple of extra minutes a day to floss before or after brushing can improve your overall oral health. Dr. Stypula and the rest of our staff love to see you with a bright, healthy smile, which is why we are here to be a resource for any and all oral care information you need. If you have questions about your daily dental care routine, or what type of floss to use, just give us a call at 412-348-8833 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Stypula. 

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