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Comparing Your Full Arch Tooth Replacement Options

Have you lost all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw? You’re definitely not alone. After all, The American College of Prosthodontics notes that around 40 million people in America are missing all their teeth. Like you, they want to find the best ways to restore function and appearance with the help of a dental professional.

The good news is that you have three distinctive options if you’re in this situation. The first is doing nothing at all, which isn’t something most adults prefer for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The second and third choices are to get dentures or dental implants.

Putting aside the idea of not addressing your missing arch, let’s look at the similarities and differences of dentures and dental implants for Pittsburgh, PA, periodontal patients.

How Dentures and Dental Implants Are Alike

The basic goal of dentures is the same as dental implants: to give you a replacement for your teeth. Both treatment types enable you to restore the look of having teeth in either your upper or lower arch. Not only can this be a confidence booster, but it makes it easier for you to speak clearly, eat a variety of foods and enjoy natural-looking facial features.

Additionally, dentures and dental implants are created specifically for your mouth. This makes them completely yours. However, they are not the same when you look below the surface.

What Separates Dental Implants from Dentures

What makes dental implants so different from dentures? To begin with, dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw like a natural tooth, anchored permanently. Unlike dentures, they can’t slip out, fall out, or be removed. As you can imagine, they’re easier to keep clean and allow you to eat whatever you want.

Another difference is that dental implants look more lifelike than dentures thanks to the construction of the prosthetic appliance. Whether you’re smiling and showing your new teeth, or you have your lips closed, you’ll look very natural and comfortable.

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