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Common Questions About LANAP® Laser Dentistry

Dentistry is an ever-evolving field. New techniques, technologies and treatments are developed frequently to make procedures easier and safer for patients. One of these advancements is LANAP® laser dentistry for gum disease. LANAP has made treatment of gum disease much more gentle, quicker and simpler by using laser light to perform surgery instead of scalpels and sutures. Periodontist Dr. Michael Stypula has been offering LANAP surgery in his Pittsburgh, PA office for several years and answers many of the common questions patients have on the treatment. 

Does LANAP Hurt?
One of the most wonderful things about LANAP is that it is a very gentle treatment that does not cause excessive discomfort. By using just laser light instead of scalpels, LANAP can eradicate diseased tissue without harming healthy gums! Many times, patients do not even need sedation to receive their treatment for gum disease.

How Long Does LANAP Take?For mild cases of gum disease, LANAP treatment can often be performed in just one appointment. More serious cases of gum disease might take a second follow-up appointment, but thanks to the speedy and gentle nature of laser dentistry, patients spend very minimal time in the dental chair!

What is Healing Like Afterward?For most patients, after receiving LANAP treatment for gum disease, they can return to a normal lifestyle the very next day! Even immediately after laser dentistry, there is very minimal bleeding, no sutures and little discomfort. 

What are the Results of LANAP?After receiving LANAP treatment, patients experience results like that of time-tested traditional surgery, but without the lengthy recovery time! Infected gum tissue is removed, healthy gums and bone are stimulated to provide regrowth and the gums begin to reattach to teeth. 

Experience LANAP for Yourself!

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