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Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Gum disease is extremely prevalent, with many patients avoiding treatment, due to the pain and discomfort typically associated with dental care. Fortunately, Dr. Michael Stypula is an experienced periodontist that offers advanced laser dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA. To provide our patients with the most advanced options in dental care, our office is equipped with the FDA approved LANAP® laser. This device is the only laser dental tool that has a proven record, for successfully repairing the damages of advanced gum disease.

When Laser Treatment is Necessary

If the condition is still in its early stages, gum disease can be reversed with nonsurgical techniques, which include deep cleaning or a scaling and root planing treatment. When the plaque and hard deposits that have been calcified under the gum line are removed, gums may heal naturally over time.

Plaque that has seeped below the roots of your teeth may not be accessible by normal cleaning methods. A dental laser is precisely equipped to target these deeply buried contaminants, eliminating the bacteria and infections that may lead to tooth loss.

Laser Treatment Advantages

This newer treatment method is highly recommended. It has replaced the necessity for invasive surgeries, while offering other significant advantages:

  •          Faster Healing
  •          More accurate treatment
  •          Reduced pain during recovery
  •          Reduced gum recession
  •          Healthier gums

It is impossible to determine with certainty, how each individual treatment will progress, but in most cases, recovery of patients, who have received laser treatments, has been defined with more accuracy and predictability.      

Consider All of Your Options

When selecting a periodontist for your treatment, it is also important consider that not all laser treatments are the same. Dr. Stypula prefers the LANAP® laser because of its proven effectiveness.

If you suspect that you may have developed gum disease or would like to learn more about how a laser treatment may benefit you, call our office at (412) 348-8833 to make an appointment with Dr. Stypula.

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