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Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures allow you to replace missing teeth, with a restorative approach that offers more security than traditional dentures. With this method, the newest technology is utilized to surgically place implants into your jawbone, with the precision to properly secure dentures, without the use of adhesives. Here are a few other benefits of using this method to restore your smile.


Due to the security of the denture, there are few restrictions when it comes to choosing your meals. Your biting force increases, therefore allowing you to consume more foods that are hard or chewy, without the fear of dentures slipping from their proper placement. You can confidently enjoy your meals knowing your teeth will remain in place.

Oral Health

Due to the nature of the implant, these dentures do not place the same type of pressure on the gum line as traditional types, preventing the tissue in this area from breaking down prematurely. Instead, the pressure is placed within the jaw, which helps to stimulate the bone, often times promoting regeneration and preventing bone loss deterioration.


With traditional dentures, the plate is set directly upon the gum line with the use of a temporary adhesive. This can result in the occasional movement while speaking, allowing for unfortunate sounds to occasionally accompany your words. With implant supported dentures, you can be rest assured that you will speak and laugh without the awkwardness of your dentures separating from your gums.


Supported dentures offer a mouth full of teeth natural in appearance, providing you the confidence to display your pearly whites, without easily distinguishing the denture amidst surrounding natural teeth. Similar material to your natural teeth is utilized, which contains complementary light-reflecting properties, ensuring your smile does not reveal you even in photographs where flashes are used.

We can help you learn more about implant supported dentures and whether they may be suited for you. Contact Dr. Michael C. Stypula, D.D.S., M.D.S., at (412) 348-8833 for a consultation on implant supported dentures in Pittsburgh, PA

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