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Are You At Risk for Gum Disease? Take This Quiz!

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is one of the most common reasons people make appointments with periodontists. Without immediate intervention and regular maintenance, the condition systematically breaks down the gums, eats away at teeth and bone, and eventually leads to tooth loss. The first sign, bleeding gums in Pittsburgh, PA, can be due to gingivitis, the first and reversible stage of gum disease. Ironically, many people who have gum disease don’t realize it. If you’re concerned that you might have this problem, take this quick quiz to determine if you’re at risk.

  1. Do you experience bleeding gums when you eat, drink, brush, or floss?
  2. Are your gums red, swollen, or tender?
  3. Have you noticed that your breath smells bad even after brushing, chewing gum, flossing, using mouthwash, or eating mints?
  4. Has anyone in your immediate family (blood relatives) had gum disease?
  5. Are some of your teeth starting to become loose?
  6. Have you stopped brushing or flossing twice a day for longer than six months?
  7. Have you stopped visiting a dental provider twice yearly?
  8. Have you already lost one or more teeth?
  9. Have you been told before by a dentist or periodontist that you should be careful and watch for gum disease?
  10. Do you worry that something is wrong with your teeth or mouth health, but can’t quite pinpoint the trouble?

The more “yes” answers you had in response to these questions, the greater your need to make an appointment with a trained professional for a thorough evaluation. 
Of course, if you have any indicators of early-stage gum disease, such as bleeding gums in Pittsburgh, PA, you have options. Call us for a comprehensive appointment to determine the status of your oral health.

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