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4 Gum Disease Facts to Surprise and Inform You

Even people who have already been to a periodontist in Pittsburgh, PA for diagnosis and treatment of gum disease may not truly understand their condition. In fact, gum disease can be a very misunderstood problem. Dr. Michael C. Stypula strives to educate patients on some of the lesser talked about aspects of gum disease, beginning with four truths.

  1. Unmanaged gum disease affects more than just the mouth. Many individuals think of their dental care providers as separate from their primary healthcare physician. However, both types of professionals will see the long-term effects of unmanaged periodontal disease. When the infection that leads to this issue gets into the bloodstream, it can be harmful in other areas of the body. Gum disease has been linked to everything from diabetes to cardiovascular disease.
  2. Kids can occasionally get diseased gums. Although diseases of the gums are generally relegated to the adult population, they can and do affect children and teenagers. For this reason, youngsters should start and maintain a healthy relationship with a dental provider as early in their lives as possible.
  3. People who brush and floss can still get periodontal disease. Excellent home care of the teeth and gums is a great way to set the stage for a healthier smile. Yet even someone with exceptional personal hygiene can still develop gum disease. The problem can stem from hereditary, dietary, lifestyle, pregnancy and illness components completely independent of brushing and flossing.
  4. Diseases of the gums can be treated. Even patients with advanced periodontitis can get help from a periodontist. No stage in the progression of diseased gums is too far for a trained dental professional to make a positive impact. 

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